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Acquire e-commerce services website design and development services for a strong online presence and increasing your online sales. We create the perfect, feature-rich online shopping platforms that calls for a quality shopping experience and retaining your customers.

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Are you on the lookout to build an eCommerce website?

A robust e-Commerce website is the go-to platform for your customers to purchase and experience your brand. U S Software Inc employs a team of technical and marketing strategists that creates online retail stores which are completely customizable and agile.


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How we build

An ecommerce website?


Strategy development

Discussing and finalizing the details for every ecommerce platform is a unique phase altogether. Let it be selling digital products online, focusing on customer support, etc., a sound strategy is developed meetings your custom requirements.


Choose a platform

Choosing the right domain and platform for your online store is important when you have a plethora of product listings to come on display. We select a recognizable domain and a flexible, user-friendly platform that answers all the client’s pain points.


Set up payment gateways

We help you decide how to price your products, how customers are going to pay you, and how you’re going to get your payments. Clients get to acquire secure payment handling, integrated SSL, payment acceptance, and WordPress ecommerce integration.


Design your store

A phase where an ecommerce website design company plays a vital role! We start on adding the relevant aesthetics like product images, brand and payment logos, and associated visuals and theme that represents your business in the best way.


Adding a great UX

Calling a great user experience by not only making users avoid cart abandonment. But we also involve incorporating a seamless, streamlined purchase process, optimizing the website for mobile devices, and an easy checkout process for maximum user satisfaction.


Marketing your business

Marketing your ecommerce website to acquire quality traction in traffic and conversions. We help you find the right customers and register the best ROI through a well-thought marketing plan execution in SEO, PPC, content marketing, social media marketing, and more.

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