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Acquire top-notch mobile applications induced with powerful technologies and features. We create and deliver successful digital products through agile development and focus on building quality relationships with clients. Hire the best mobile app development services company in USA

Mobile App Development Agency

U S Software Inc is a top-rated mobile app development services company instilled with talent from UI/UX and development to marketing. Understanding the customers’ custom requirements and needs is what we do to create and walk through an individual process.

Clients can acquire visually pleasing, user-centric mobile tools to grow their online presence, global revenues, and customer service reach via iOS, Android, react native, and game development.


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iOS App Development

2D/3D Game Development

Android App Development

Cross Platform Development

Mobile Product Strategy

We have employed a range of marketing and technical personnel working to create the perfect product strategy for each client. Our development process involves using powerful tools and frameworks, SDKs, and tested methodologies to develop and execute a mobile strategy for end-to-end development. The idea is to ensure design and development run hand-in-hand for iOS, Android, web development, and ensure the best scalability of your digital tool.

SWOT Analysis

Customer Journey

Business Modeling


Competitive Analysis

Mobile Product Strategy

Product Consultancy

Providing professional consultancy for your digital product development is all about managing your intangibles. We’ll help you understand your product idea and requirements, tradeoffs, essential features and secondary preferences, and how to induce maximum performance while pushing for your short-term KPIs and long-term business objectives. Clients can talk to one of our design and development consultants on how a solid app idea can transform their business.

UX Strategy

Interactive UI

MVP Development

Strategic Guidance


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Mobile App QA & Testing

Our mobile app QA and testing phase involves rigorous, thorough tests for functional, compatibility, performance, security, compliance, and testing purposes. All is done with regard to all the major mobile devices’ specifics and standards, network conditions, and real-time mobile interruptions. The purpose is to ensure the quality of the mobile app and guarantee a feature-rich user experience without any glitches.

Functional Testing

Usability Testing

Compatibility Testing

Performance Testing

Web Development

Creating top-notch, enterprise level websites while keeping the stability, performance, accessibility, and security priorities intact. We ask our clients to invest in with their idea of going online, and let us do the rest. Using technologies such as Node.js, C#, Python, React, etc., whether you need a platform with complex backend to multiple third party services, or looking to revamp your existing website, our developers are here to engineer your product as an example of digital transformation.

Template Designing

Interactive Interfaces

Web Apps

Ecommerce Development

Connected Devices

We create applications based on IoT and wearables technology and inclusive of state-of-the-art features. The focus on creating a unified, exceptional user experience is a priority, tools for connected devices that’ll be seamlessly integrated with your hardware devices. Our developers have a wide array of expertise to cater IoT based apps for a variety of use cases and industries like smart homes, manufacturing, automobiles, gaming, and more.

API Development

Connected Ecosystems

Data Analytics

Platform Integration

App Marketing

Marketing efforts that are focused on the post launch of your tool! The activities are purpose-built to ensure your business application hits the top shelves in the App Store, Google Play, and search engines for maximum prominence and downloads. Our digital marketing and ASO experts have the required skillset to place you atop the search engine and app store results and gather relevant traffic and conversions for your business.

App Store Optimization

Digital Marketing

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